“Kartal Wings” is a project belonging to partnership of Amad Real Estate Ltd. Co. and Umran Yapı. Umran Yapı which is contractor company based in Maltepe (İstanbul) is a group company containing firms working in various fields such as medical, wood industry, and engineering. Company partners realized tens of real estate development projects and contracting works in various locations in İstanbul through Umran Yapı which the partners established with a team of strong engineering and design staff in 2004. Umran Yapı which carries out attractive projects with architectural style, not only made hundreds of people homeowners but also ran special projects observing the retention of historical fabric, suitable for family life, and using today’s advanced technology in İstanbul, a metropolis, where unplanned housing is dominant.

Initiating a partnership in 2014, Umran Yapı and Amad Real Estate Co. Ltd. of Saudi Arabia decided to run the project called “Kartal Wings”. Amad Real Estate Co. Ltd. is a company founded by Saudi Arabian investors the Abdulhaim family in the capital Riyadh. Signing several projects in various Gulf countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, Amad Co. Ltd. is also well-known in the food industry with its food companies incorporating doner restaurants and meat production facilities. Starting its operations in Turkey in 2013, in addition to its real estate investments in different regions of Turkey, Amad has realized summer house complex projects consisting of more than 50 villas. Amad Real Estate is currently running hotel and guesthouse projects suitable for all seasons.

The company has decided to enter the real estate development sector in Turkey since Turkey took the first place in the investable countries ranking as a result of the investment feasibilities conducted in Europe with its twenty expert staff in 2012. As a foreign company, Amad Real Estate wanted to start a project where the business risks are extremely low and therefore decided to initiate "Kartal Wings" project with Umran Yapı. Shortly, Umran Yapı with its experience in the construction sector and Amad Real Estate with its strong financial infrastructure came together to do their best and made hand in hand to develop magnificent worthwhile projects, and they started this journey with "Kartal Wings".

We worked hard and cared much because this location deserved a very special project. Therefore, before starting architectural studies, by conducting a large scale survey, we have tried to understand what kind of projects that Istanbul residents who have already had too much of construction projects have dreamed of. Considering your views and expectations, "Kartal Wings" project tries to reflect the concept of neighbourhood life and family environment. We believe that our project bearing the traces of our old İstanbul will respond to the needs of our people with its advanced technologic features and dynamic architecture.

We are excited to be able to serve to the people living in our buildings and our neighbours through our unique and beautiful project by the view of the sea, the islands, and the historical peninsula. With 7000 m2 recreation areas, separate outdoor swimming pools for children and adults, tennis courts, children playgrounds, sports facilities, meeting places, and many other opportunities, “Kartal Wings” project is ready to take off. We will be happy to see you among us in this journey. Please do pay a visit to us because we are sure that more information about our project will open up new horizons for your real estate vision.

We look forward to seeing you in our project for the life you long for.


Kartal Wings , özgün bir mimari tasarım ile 12 dönüm arazi üzerinde 278 adet konut ve günlük alışverişlerinizi yapabileceğiniz 9 adet dükkandan oluşmaktadır. Alçak katlı toplam 3 blokta, eski günlerdeki komşuluk keyfini sürecek, 8,500 m2 yeşil alan olarak ayrılmış bahçenizde çocuklarınızla birlikte açık ve kapalı spor alanlarından, sosyal tesislerden yararlanabilecek, ayrıca blok çatılarındaki seyir teraslarından doyumsuz Adalar manzarasını izleyebileceksiniz.

Kısacası ''Eve dönmek isteyeceksiniz''.

  • Açık, Kapalı ve Çocuk Havuzu

  • Kafe

  • 2 Sauna ve 2 Fin Hamamı

  • Spor Salonu

  • Basketbol ve Tenis Kortu

  • Açık ve Kapalı Çocuk Oyun Parkı

  • Yürüyüş Alanları

  • Kapalı Otopark

  • Güvenlik


Kartal Wings sakinlerinin yoğun İstanbul trafiğine karşı çeşitli çözüm şansları var. Çünkü her türlü toplu taşıma aracı ile İstanbul'un her köşesine karadan ve denizden kolaylıkla ulaşabilirsiniz.

Kartal sahil yolu size 3 dk., E5 ve Kadıköy - Sabiha Gökçen (*) metro hattı ise 6-7 dakikalık mesafede. Dolayısı ile son Kartal Wings son derece rahat ulaşılabilir bir konumda.

(*) Pendik - Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı bağlantısının 2018 yılı, 2.yarısında tamamlanması beklenmektedir.

  • Pendik Marina
    6,0 km

  • Sahilyolu
    2,0 km

  • Metro İstasyonu
    2,0 km

  • Hızlı Tren
    1,6 km

  • Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı
    17 km